PCCD series

PCCD series are catadioptric lenses exclusively developed and manufactured by Opto Engineering® to enable the 360° side view of small objects. Their innovative optical design, based on a catadioptric system, makes it possible to image objects with diameters as small as 7 mm.
The sides of the object are imaged through the catadioptric system, while the top surface is directly imaged onto the center of the detector.

The compactness and high resolution of these lenses make them ideal to inspect components like pharmaceutical containers, plastic caps, pre-forms, bottlenecks, screws and other threaded objects. PCCD series can work either with 1/2”, 1/3” and 2/3” detectors. The sides of the object being inspected are observed over a wide view angle, approaching 45° at its maximum; this feature makes it possible to inspect complex object geometries from a convenient perspective.

360° imaging of small objects
Parts down to 7.5 mm in diameter can be imaged
Extra wide lateral viewing angle
Object sides viewing angle approaches 45°
The lens can be easily held and integrated in any system
Perfect chromatic correction
For RGB camera applications and color inspection